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Customers Review is very important for us! Seriously, everything you (Customers) say about us is affecting our reputation a lot! Like seriously a LOT!

Customers Review

We got some very satisfying review by one of our customer that is using our proofreading service.

He said something about how we’re very neat with our work!

We want to put a link to his site, but well, he want to stay anonymous, so yes we’re granting his wish.

But really, we want to thank him for everything he said about us in his site (Maybe some of you already know who this guy is), how he praise us for our work, and saying he’ll be our loyal customer.

We’re going to improve our work’s quality more and more to keep satisfying our customers, just like how we satisfy Mr. Anonymous 🙂

Please support us in the future too! (Directed to all customers)

Thank you!

Just Our 2 Cents

Two Cents

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Another point which markers pick through is consistency, this are some things that spell check cannot help you with; for example, you write Web Services in one sentence, then write web Proofreading and editing service typically the very next sentence.

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Proofreading Service And Editing Service

Luuliyo Proofreading Service And Editing Service

Proofreading Service:

proofreading service


We are professional English proofreading & editing service trusted by million of students, businessman, and professional worker.

Getting acknowledged by people as the best proofreading & editing service ever.


Available Service


  • Dissertations/Theses
  • Journal Manuscripts/Essays
  • Research Proposal


  • Dissertations/Theses
  • Essays/Papers
  • SOP/Admissions Papers


  • CVs/Resumes/Job Applications
  • Reports & Communications
  • Audio Transcription Services


Quality Guarantee

If quality is what you’re seeking, then you’re visiting the right place.

We guarantee our work will meet English Language Standards required by your uni/publishing workplace.

Our performance is measured by our customers satisfaction, if you’re not satisfied with our work, you can contact us and we will refund your money! (Amount refunded will be negotiated)


How We Do Proofreading And Editing Service

  1. We check your document for grammar, syntax, logic, flow, and language.
  2. Awkward phrasing & strange logic will be fixed.
  3. Improvement over academic tone and lexical choice.
  4. Using microsoft word’s Track Changes feature, you can see all of the changes after we’re done editing your document.


Contact us for price! The best proofreading service is waiting for you!