Service that we’re about to give you is no doubt one of the best in proofreading history.

Available Service


  • Dissertations/Theses
  • Journal Manuscripts/Essays
  • Research Proposal


  • Dissertations/Theses
  • Essays/Papers
  • SOP/Admissions Papers


  • CVs/Resumes/Job Applications
  • Reports & Communications
  • Audio Transcription Services

Quality Guarantee

If quality is what you’re seeking, then you’re visiting the right place.

We guarantee our work will meet English Language Standards required by your uni/publishing workplace.

Our performance is measured by our customers satisfaction, if you’re not satisfied with our work, you can contact us and we will refund your money! (Amount refunded will be negotiated)

How We Do Proofreading And Editing Service

  1. We check your document for grammar, syntax, logic, flow, and language.
  2. Awkward phrasing & strange logic will be fixed.
  3. Improvement over academic tone and lexical choice.
  4. Using microsoft word’s Track Changes feature, you can see all of the changes after we’re done editing your document.